About PMCS

About Us

PMCS is a premier multi-disciplinary firm providing reliable, innovative, and high-quality program management and construction engineering services to its partners across the transportation market throughout the Midwest.

PMCS understands the complexities of today’s large public-infrastructure projects. From highways & bridges to transit, airports, railroads, energy facilities and other major public works, PMCS focuses on making large capital projects more efficient, cost-effective, and quality driven. Since our founding in 2005, we have worked to develop project controls and quality management systems to ensure that multi-billion-dollar programs are accomplished successfully to the client’s quality expectations, on schedule and within budget.

We have provided a wide range of construction services for some of the largest and most complex projects in the Chicago area. Our services have been applied to a broad range of project types, including highway, roads, rail, mass transit, and airports. With expertise in the fields of project management, program controls, construction engineering, quality control and assurance and planning the firm offers a diversity of talent, expertise and skills to serve our clients needs. Many clients seek our assistance on a wide range of issues throughout the life cycle of their projects or capital programs. Others engage us only for a few specific needs. Either way, our team strives to become part of the client’s team, and together we focus on results.

Through our constant focus on delivering high quality services, PMCS Consulting has built a reputation of impeccable integrity as a problem-solving partner to a variety of public and private clients. Our proven quality services have helped clients avoid costly pitfalls and provide quality control of their programs and projects.

Our work ethic comes as a result of focusing on PMCS’s two primary goals: To always set the professional standard through expertise and excellence, and to nurture those personal relationships we cherish with both our clients and colleagues.